Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy

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Salt Therapy range. Which is basically a more therapeutic approach to bath salts. We have sourced the highest quality ingredients and researched in depth about the properties of the ingredients and formulated a number of recipes to assist with specific issues.

 The products are:

  • Muscle Magic
  • Refresh & Revive
  • Relax & Unwind
  • Nourish & Revitalise
  • Soothe & Detox.


They come in a 300g stand up brown kraft bag with a window face. A separate vial of jojoba oil and essential or fragrance oil is tied on with a dark brown hemp string. This can be added directly to the bath instead of mixed in the salts to prevent them from looking watery and sweaty in the bag. Also some people prefer not to have a fragrance. It is also visually very appealing and different from other offerings in this category.